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Designs on discards E-waste, discarded film tape, broken bangles were some of the items that made it to the stage during Lakhotia Institute of Design 2014 the theme for this years fashion show being of out waste The event began with a classical dance performance by a student followed by a cake cutting ceremony followed by the much awaited event where students got to showcase their designs on models from the institute modelling programme. Having to stick to the theme of using waste material pushed the students to find innovative ways to use many things that we would discard from our homes. While using waste to create the garment may have been too big a challenge for the students, they did their best to use waste materials to embellish and accessorise the dresses. Mohammed Siddiq, who designed a dress from electric cables says he chose to work with the materials first, rather than the design. we went about gathering whatever material we could find and when we thought we had enough we began to think of design. I chose to use electric cables, he explained. Other interesting designs adorned by female models included a skirt made from layers of playing cards and creative use of buttons and shells. The opening design of the show was a dress decorated by wood pulp and custard apple seeds. E-waste made its presence felt on a heavily embellished black jacket. Designs for male models were less creative but that was compensated for by the choreography of the stage show which involved the models break into some basic dance moves apart from just walking the ramp for the second sequence. The designs were mainly limited to accessorising with waste. Some designs stood out for their uniqueness; the jacket made of empty cigarette cases, for instance, was eye catching both in terms of aesthetics offered by the colour and patterns of the boxes and concept.

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